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  • Why Lease Brothers vs The Dealer
    Lease Brothers is a Car Broker. We are able to offer the best prices possible from local dealers without the need to sit with a salesperson for hours. Best of all, your new purchase can be delivered to your home or work. We save you time and money. We can also help with insurance and other automotive needs.
  • Where do I take my vehicle for service?
    You can visit any dealership service center that services your brand of vehicle.
  • Who provides the financing for my lease or purchase?
    We work directly with the vehicles credit company and other 3rd party banks. For example if you are leasing a Jeep, you would be applying to Chrysler Capital or 3rd party banks to get approved for leasing at the best rate. We can also check local banks/credit unions to see if a better rate is available.
  • How do I take a test drive?
    We recommend visiting your local dealership to test drive the car that you are interested in before you start the online leasing process. Remember, you are not obligated to purchase the vehicle at the dealership when test driving a vehicle.
  • Can I buy a car with Lease Brothers?
    Lease Brothers offers new cars for lease and new and used cars for purchase.
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